SEIIKI EVO "Fujisan"


Image of SEIIKI EVO "Fujisan"


EVO is a pair of 90s-inspired sneakers crafted with a combination of leather, suede, and printed leather materials, all in a color scheme inspired by Mount Fuji. The leather material provides durability and a classic look, while the suede adds texture and depth to the shoe's design. The printed leather features a unique pattern that draws attention to the shoe's individuality.

To ensure traction and support, the sneakers are built with a rubber sole that is both sturdy and flexible, allowing for comfortable movement.

These sneakers are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of retro style to their wardrobe, while still keeping up with modern trends.


- Nappa Leather Upper
- Bi-color TR Rubber Outsole
- Embroidered Logo
- Made in Portugal


We recommend taking one size down from your regular size.